Regime and safety


During hospitalization you must have: passport, changeable shoes (home shoes), changeable clean underwear, bathrobe (pajamas or other household clothes), bedding (sheets, duvet cover, pillowcase, towel), personal hygiene products.

You have the room number and the bed number (A; B; C; D), and the corresponding number on the shelf in the closet and the number of the bedside table that you use. Additionally, for your safety, you have an individual safe. The safe number corresponds to the number of your bed, respectively (A; B; C; D). You set the code for the safe yourself and it is known only to you.

It is allowed to visit one or two close accompanying relatives, visit one patient. One close relative of the patient can stay for the night (the extra bed-cot is used for this purpose).

Smoking is prohibited in the department and on the territory of the Institute of Neurosurgery. It is forbidden to drink alcohol.

Fire safety rules must be followed. It is forbidden to use boilers and electric heaters in the ward. Everything you need (electric stove, electric kettle, microwave, dishes) you will find in the room “Buffet”.

Storage of clothes, personal belongings, footwear is carried out in cases and curbstones.

Mandatory ventilation of the ward twice a day (morning and evening). If desired, more frequent airing is possible.


The office closes at night at 22:00, access is limited. The administrative part of the department and the nursing post are equipped with an alarm system. The office provides security for your documents and valuables, for this there are individual safes.